How Much Does an Exterminator Cost? [2023]

Pest Control Cost by Pest Type

Most pest control companies complete a consultation appointment before providing a quote. Quotes will vary depending on the pest type and the treatments involved.

Below are the average pest control costs by pest type based on independent research:

Pest Type

Average Exterminator Cost per Visit





















Carpet beetles






Now that we’ve covered average visit costs by type of pest, other factors can affect the total extermination cost.

10 Factors That Impact Extermination Cost

While the average cost of an exterminator ranges from $225 to $400, other factors can affect the cost of the extermination. Below we go through each factor that can impact your total cost.

1. Property Size

Once pests infiltrate your property, they’ll try to find the best place to camp out with access to food and water. A larger property may require a more extensive treatment, increasing the extermination cost. It’s unlikely the pests will stick to just one area of your home, so there may be multiple areas that require treatment. 

2. Infestation Size

If the area of infestation is small and can be treated in one appointment, then the extermination cost will be lower. On the other hand, larger infestation jobs that require multiple treatments will be more expensive. 

3. Infestation Location

The extermination cost will be higher if the infestation is located inside the walls or wood structure. The treatment may involve clearing out hard-to-reach places, which could require opening up walls — which will need repairing after the treatment.   

Surface infestations, like small rodents, can be easily treated with traps or pesticides. This type of infestation is much less costly, and won’t likely require in-depth treatment. 

4. Consultation

Most exterminators and pest control companies will complete a consultation to assess the type of infestation and location size. During the appointment, your exterminator will search for signs of an infestation, identify the outside entry points or nest, and determine the best treatment plan. 

In some cases, the exterminator can then complete an initial treatment. If it’s a smaller infestation, this may be the only necessary appointment. If it’s a larger infestation, the exterminator may suggest several follow-up appointments to complete the full treatment. 

A consultation appointment costs on average between $225 and $400. The consultation cost may be waived if you approve of the suggested treatment process, therefore only needing to pay for the treatment itself.

5. Treatment

The treatment cost will vary depending on several factors. Does the infestation require one treatment or multiple visits? Will your home need to be fumigated or can the infestation be treated with a few rodent traps or chemical spray? Does the exterminator require access to inside the walls and wood structure to complete treatment?

These factors will greatly impact the total extermination price. Keep in mind that different pest control companies have varying rates. Spend time evaluating these prices before deciding which pest control company you want to work with. 

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